Audition Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Worcester Children’s Chorus! We’re so happy that you found us.  Auditions are held each May, August, September, and January on specific dates and are also offered on a rolling basis. If you have missed one of our scheduled Audition dates, please contact us at today and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment. Auditions are encouraging and low-stress. The appointment is an opportunity to meet the artistic staff and sing a few bars in order to place the singer in the most appropriate ensemble so that they can thrive alongside their musical peers and nurture their love of singing. Audition Fee: $25 to be paid at the time of booking the audition. If paying an audition fee is outside of your family’s budget, please contact the office at and ask about a fee waiver. Although it is critical to collect fees and tuition to pay staff, buy music, pay insurance, etc, we are committed to ensuring the Worcester Children’s Chorus is open and available to all children who love to sing! One Recommendation from a teacher or other adult outside of the family is due at the audition. You will receive the Form at audition registration. This is an important piece but please do not let it stop you from signing up for the audition. We understand that not everyone has a teacher, or a printer, etc. We will work with you
We recognize that there are additional pronoun options. Please send along an email to with additional information or more accurate information.
How did you hear about WCC?
May we ask who referred you? We’d like to thank them!
Upon receipt of this form and payment, a WCC staff member will reach out to coordinate your audition appointment. If you have questions first, please contact us at
Price: $ 25.00
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