By Alexandra Pollack

We say it all the time, and it’s really true: the Worcester Children’s Chorus could not deliver our enriching programs to youth in Worcester County without the support of many individual and institutional donors. Each donation makes a difference in our chorister’s lives and to the future of our organization. This season we’ve seen sizeable success in raising funds for our programs, below are a few new and continuing partners we’d like to especially thank:

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Harvard Pilgrim and MCPHS University, their consistent gifts over the past three years have helped ensure our organizational growth and the success of our special programs that make us such a valuable asset to the Worcester County community. This year Harvard Pilgrim more than doubled their donation from previous years – demonstrating their tremendous commitment to improving the communities in which they live and work!

We’re so grateful to the members of our extended community, old and new, who stepped up to help make this season successful thus far. Your gifts demonstrate the impact of philanthropy and its role in advancing the Worcester Children’s Chorus’ mission of providing a quality musical experience to children through training in choral singing.

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