Spring Concert Tickets - May 8, 1:30 pm - Trinity Lutheran Church, Worcester

Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets to the Worcester Children’s Chorus’s Spring Concert! Please complete the form below and make payment via PayPal. No PayPal account is needed – any debit or credit card is fine. Tickets will also be sold at the door.

The email confirmation or your PayPal receipt are your ticket. We will have a spreadsheet with all online ticket sales at the door as well. 

Thank you again for supporting the Worcester Children’s Chorus with your ticket purchase and please enjoy the show!

Family Bundle maximum ($50) - feel free to use this option if the combined ticket price is over $50 and outside of your family budget otherwise; please indicate the ticket # to help us estimate audience number. If the ticket price is still prohibitive, please contact the staff at info@worcesterchildrenschorus.org. We don't want anyone to miss this beautiful concert for financial reasons. Thank you!
Please consider this additional gift to support the rebuilding of the Worcester Children's Chorus. We have big plans and hope to greatly expand access to the choir to all children and youth who love to sing with expanded scholarships, expanded programming and expanded outreach. Your gift will help us get there. Thank you so much for joining our giving community!
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Clicking Submit will direct you to PayPal to complete your ticket purchase. You may check out as a guest. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Thank you for joining us at our Holiday Concert! Refund Policy: No refunds
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