Financial Aid Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Worcester Children’s Chorus! We love assisting families with children/youth that love to sing to join us! Please help us to process this application quickly and to the best of our ability by fully completing all sections of the form.

Additional information may be requested at any time during the application process based on your unique situation.

Please check the box that you have read and agree to our policies prior to completing the rest of the form. The Handbook can be read by clicking the link included. Please download the Handbook for future reference and to share with your singer.
Singer Information
If you are completing this in the summer, please tell us what grade your singer will enter in the fall.
All are welcome at Worcester Children's Chorus. We gather this information at the request of large foundation funders. Thank you for sharing with us.
Please let us know if translations would be helpful.

If you are interested in seeking a private vocal instructor at some point (not required!), our Partner-in-Music, Pakachoag Music School, offers a 10% discount to WCC members.

Worcester Children's Chorus thrives due to our strong team of volunteers. Please let us know how you could contribute. (Not required)
In the event that I cannot be reached, I give permission for this student to be transported to a hospital and I authorize the hospital to provide emergency medical or surgical treatment. I will assume full responsibility for all charges related to the above and release the hospital and Worcester Children's Chorus, Inc./Joy of Music Program, its agents, employees, administrators, and assigns from any and all liability claims and causes of action arising in connection with the transportation and/or treatment of the student named hereon.

Media Release

Name | Age | Will this person qualify as a dependent for tax purposes this year?
Source of Income | Contact Person | Contact Phone # | Gross Monthly Income (before deductions)
Please use your best judgement for the form. Final determination is made by the artistic staff. Your application will be reviewed by staff and you will receive information about your financial award within 5 business days. Minimum enrollment of 4 singers is required for a group to run.
Clear Signature
I hereby state that, to the best of my knowledge, the above information is accurate. I will notify the staff should there be any changes in the above information in order to process this application. I understand that all information received by Worcester Children’s Chorus will remain private and confidential.
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